Mini Workbench Part 1

Mini Workbench Part 1
KAPOW 2022 Week 31WoodworkingAugust 13, 2022
KAPOW = Kevin’s Art Project of the Week

I am constructing a mini workbench from some reclaimed teak boards of an old desk. The workbench will be used (clamped) on top of a table or other workbench. When complete, it will include a vise and dog holes for securing work items. Part 1, this week, was getting the workbench top built. Future projects (weeks) will include building the vise and attaching legs. Stay tuned.

The workbench top measures:
Length = 21 inch
Width = 12 inch
Height = 2 1/4 inch

The teak boards cam from the legs of an old desk. Here is a photo of a few of the legs before they were dimensioned and glued up.

Remember, there is no definition of art.

For more information on the KAPOW project, follow this link.

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