Kevin’s Art Project of the Week

KAPOW, Kevin’s Art Project of the Week, is a (mostly) weekly art cavalcade, in which I create and post an art project. The works are meant to be quick-and-dirty attempts to keep creating and maintain momentum of creativity. Mediums will range from photography, drawing, painting, woodworking, leather working, sculpting, and beyond. Remember, there is no definition of art…..

KAPOW was born from the previous weekly photography project I ran from 2007-2018–KPOW: Kevin’s Photo of the Week. In the KPOW, I posted a photo I took each week for eleven years. Visit the KPOW here:

Grander in scope than KPOW, but more liberal in scope and content, I hope you will join me and follow the progress of KAPOW.

The rules of KAPOW:

  1. The project has to be completed during the week for which it is posted
  2. The work can be anything that someone, somewhere might consider art (Remember: there is no definition of art)
  3. Have fun and be nice.

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