Chess Piece Lamp

Chess Piece Lamp
KAPOW 2021 Week 3Wood TurningJanuary 17, 2021
KAPOW = Kevin’s Art Project of the Week

More experimentation with the wood lathe this week. With no real plan other than exploring patterns, I glued up a block from two square pieces of walnut and two square pieces of maple with a smaller center inclusion of cherry (or what I thought was cherry). See making of photo #1 below.

I started shaping it on the lathe….and ended up with something that looked remarkably like a big (albeit multi-colored) chess piece. The center wood pieces (what I thought was cherry) ended up looking quite similar to the larger, neighboring, maple sections–I was hoping for more contrast. Overall, it came out pretty interesting, even if it is not really in my decor style.

I made the shade out of fabric around adhesive-backed styrene. I picked up the fabric last year with no intended usage–it makes a great lamp shade.

Here are a few making of photos:

For more information on the KAPOW project, follow this link.

Remember, there is no definition of art…..

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