Heron, Boat, Smoke, Pier

Heron, Boat, Smoke, Pier
KAPOW 2020 Week 12photographySeptember 12, 2020
KAPOW = Kevin’s Art Project of the Week

The KAPOW this week is a photograph from an early morning walk on the beach in Fort Worden State Park. The ubiquitous smoke (and fog) totally washed away any contrast between water and sky–where does one end and the other begin? The Great Blue Heron flying to the right, juxtaposed with the implied motion of the (anchored) sailboat to the left creates a story taking place in the row/zone across the photo framed by the pier. I tried a crop without the pier and the photo lost some of its life. The pier gives enough implied transition between water and sky to inform the rest of the scene and place it in context of the otherwise gradient background. The otters that were swimming just below the sailboat in the photo (the dots in line with the heron) wanted to be in the story as well……we will leave them out of this story. They have a story of their own here.

For more information on the KAPOW project, follow this link.

Remember, there is no definition of art…..

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