Mount Townsend Timelapse

Mount Townsend Timelapse
KAPOW 2020 Week 3video: timelapseJuly 10, 2020
KAPOW = Kevin’s Art Project of the Week

The hike started out in the clouds. When I reached tree line, I broke above the clouds and could see for miles in every direction. As I watched the lower valley clouds rumble, a series of higher clouds rolled through. I had the camera set up at a five second increment. I ate a snack, checked the phone, then just watched. Truly a magical experience.

There is a giant dust spot on the lens…..everything I did to correct it made it worse. I was able to mitigate it on the ‘cloudy’ frames, but for the clear ones you will see the spot. Character? I say yes.

For more information on the KAPOW project, follow this link.

Remember, there is no definition of art…..

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